10 Minutes of Music #3- It’s Not Sane

At this time of year, a lot of people get their reports from Spotify or perhaps other streaming services, showing them their listening habits for the year. I’ve never subscribed to any streaming service but I do own A LOT of music. It’s all in my iTunes library with perhaps 60-70% of it from CD’sContinue reading “10 Minutes of Music #3- It’s Not Sane”

10 Minutes of Music #2/11-13-13

10 Minutes of Music – 2/11-13-2013 Today’s 10 minutes of music are three fantastic songs by Bill Withers. Bill is an amazing artist. All three of today’s songs reached the top three on the charts, so they’re probably songs you’re well aware of. I certainly was aware of them, but had not truly realized theirContinue reading “10 Minutes of Music #2/11-13-13”