March 1-15, 2014

S3-1 worked 4:35-16:54, church, visited Dad S3-2 up at 6:45, worked 8:21-21:28, read Isaiah 14 and 15 at work M3-3 worked 5:28-5:00 T3-4 worked 4:41-12:20. It’s currently 4:40 pm and I’m at Jess Parrish hospital again. I’ve been here since 12:35. They’re are finally doing a lipsotrypsy on Sheila’s two kidney stones. Once again, theContinue reading “March 1-15, 2014”

10 Minutes of Music #3- It’s Not Sane

At this time of year, a lot of people get their reports from Spotify or perhaps other streaming services, showing them their listening habits for the year. I’ve never subscribed to any streaming service but I do own A LOT of music. It’s all in my iTunes library with perhaps 60-70% of it from CD’sContinue reading “10 Minutes of Music #3- It’s Not Sane”

Being Something Without Actually Being It

A week or so ago, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving I went to a local downtown area near my house called Cocoa Village to pick up my “race packet”. From 2007-March 2020, picking up a race packet meant walking through the vendor expo, seeing a few friends and talking about how we thought we’d doContinue reading “Being Something Without Actually Being It”

December 1-15, 2015

Previously I posted November’s journal from 2011. December for that year and for every year through 2014 just don’t seem to “blog-worthy”. Being such a rookie at this blogging, I’m not so sure I know what constitutes something being “worthy” of posting. Oh well, I’m going with December 2015… perhaps it will be a bitContinue reading “December 1-15, 2015”

Hurricane Blues

As a lifelong Floridian, I’m aware that the last day of Hurricane Season is November 30th. Most Floridians don’t think much about hurricanes after mid-September and certainly not in October/November. As I anticipate a crowd of family this afternoon, I’m thankful for them and many other things. I use a simple app called “Thankful” onContinue reading “Hurricane Blues”