December 1-15, 2015

Previously I posted November’s journal from 2011. December for that year and for every year through 2014 just don’t seem to “blog-worthy”. Being such a rookie at this blogging, I’m not so sure I know what constitutes something being “worthy” of posting.

Oh well, I’m going with December 2015… perhaps it will be a bit interesting…

T12-1 worked 4:36-2:11, dropped off vette at Bob Steele to have all kinds of stuff checked out. Hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg… 🙂

W12-2 worked 4:34-1:43

T12-3 up at 6, it’s 7:44 and I’ve got a full morning ahead of me. Chiropractor at 8, Dr. Kirk at 9, after that I’m gonna go by a rehab center to try to visit my barber. Not sure if I’ve written about him, but I found out that something happened to him (not sure what… I’m thinking maybe a stroke)…He’s approx. 77 yo. I’ve always thought a lot of him and want to stop by just to check on him and let him know I’ve been praying for him. 

    Well, chiropractor went well, Dr. Kirk did too… Didn’t get to see my barber… He was out of his room doing physical therapy. Ran 2.12 miles. 

F12-4 worked 4:36-2:42

S12-5 worked 4:37-4:24, church 

S12-6 worked 6:32-2:15

M12-7 worked 4:35-4:17

T12-8 up at 7, 5m prayer session, went to see “Creed”, which is basically “Rocky 6″… It was awesome. Just like with Clint Eastwood movies, I enjoy seeing Sylvester Stallone as he ages. He’s 69 yo and is still enjoyable to watch as Rocky. My friend Dylan and his friend Alison went to the movie as well. Afterwards we ate at Ryan’s Pizza.

W12-9 worked 4:37- 8:55, ran 2.06 miles. Well this evening was kind of a big deal for me… I took all of my associates out to dinner at Beef O’Brady’s. I have 16 employees that work for me. This is the most I’ve ever had. They’re a great group of people and I just wanted to thank them somehow and that’s all I could come up with. We had a total of 17 of us there. Two of my crew couldn’t make it but three of them brought a guest with them. It was enjoyable just socializing and hanging out… away from Publix. 

T12-10 up at 6:30, ran 4.1 miles, got caught up reading a lot of my magazines. 

F12-11 worked 4:37-12:22

S12-12 worked 4:38-3:58, church 

S12-13 worked 6:36-5:08

M12-14 worked 4:37-4:30

T12-15 up at 7:30, ran 6.23 miles, put Khloe’s bike together. Spent an hour or two catching up on all my magazine reading. Still got a ways to go… 🙂

Perspective from the present…After owning it for 16 years, sold the vette in 2019. Never got to see my barber friend Rick, he passed a few days after my attempt to visit him.

Having been retired almost exactly 6 years now, I never seem to interact with my final crew from that time. I do keep up with a few others from years before that though.

I’ve since seen “Creed 2” and recently Clint’s latest “Cry Macho”. Loved them both.

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