Hurricane Blues

As a lifelong Floridian, I’m aware that the last day of Hurricane Season is November 30th. Most Floridians don’t think much about hurricanes after mid-September and certainly not in October/November.

As I anticipate a crowd of family this afternoon, I’m thankful for them and many other things. I use a simple app called “Thankful” on my iPhone and list something I’m thankful for each day. . Ive done this for 1,062 days as of today.

Of the many things I’ve listed, electricity is one of them. Sort of a weird thing to be thankful for… until a loss of power during a hurricanes brings it to the forefront of your existence.

Just over 4 years ago on 9-16-17, I wrote The Hurricane Blues…

Five days of no power
Makes me say “Grrr”
Five days of cold showers
Makes me say “Brrr”

During daylight
The house is quite hot
Come nighttime
We suffer the same lot

Don’t care bout the fridge
The computer or TV
Don’t care about the lights
Just want my sanity

Doing without
Seems to cause me such grief
I need to be tougher
Till I get some relief

I don’t like it at all
When the power is out
But I am thankful for the water
That comes out of the spout

It’s a simple life
When you live like this
If I didn’t know what I had
I wouldn’t know what I miss

It’ll soon be normal again
I’ll forget what is was like
I’ll take too much for granted
All in all, It’s a Wonderful Life

… Happy Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for all things, not the least of which is the lights, A/C and the cable TV…

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