November 16-30, 2010

Here’s the rest of November 2010…

T11-16 worked 4:43-16:19, ran 5.15 miles

W11-17 up at 5:20, ran 6.41 miles. Ran it with Rick about 7:15 am. Great run. I ran each mile under 10 min. I was able to beat Rick by about 3 or 4 min. It was good to have a run like that. I have to run about 4.4 miles tomorrow, then two 4 mile runs next week. I’m running the Space Coast Half-Marathon one week from Sunday. Leisure day the rest of the day.

T11-18 up at 6:44, ran 4.62 miles, went and picked up computer… long story…it appears I’ve lost about 1800 songs from my iTunes library but I don’t know what ones they are right now. I’m gonna try to research it and figure it out. I lost all my playlists, all my ratings, all my play counts… VERY frustrating.

F11-19 worked 4:46-15:15
S11-20 worked 3:48-16:59, church
S11-21 worked 5:41-13:10, ran 4.05 miles
M11-22 worked 4:50-17:53
T11-23 worked 4:25-17:36
W11-24 worked 4:13-17:32

T11-25 up at 6:50, ran 4.14 miles, everybody over for Thanksgiving dinner. Visited parents in the evening with Sheila.

F11-26 up at 7:45, went to Running Zone and got race packet for half-marathon on Sunday.
Worked a few hours on my iTunes library. I’ve now got a list of songs that I’m missing. It’s more than 1100 songs that I have on CD. I just have to put them back in my computer. I also docked my iPod. It had 709 songs on it that I had purchased but that were not in my library. It put them back in my library. Once I get the other 1100 songs in the library I’ll be back to right around 10,300 songs in my library. That’s almost exactly what I had before this whole hard drive crash happened.

S11-27 worked 3:53-13:10, church

S11-28 up at 4:30, ran The 39th Annual Space Coast Half-Marathon. 2:03:45…last year was 2:01:34…. Oh well.

M11-29 worked 4:50-14:36
T11-30 worked 4:46-15:09

Perspective from the present…

As of today, 11-20-21… I’ve run 43 half marathons… 2009, 2010 ended up being my two fastest. It’s been all downhill since then…

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