March 1-15, 2014

S3-1 worked 4:35-16:54, church, visited Dad S3-2 up at 6:45, worked 8:21-21:28, read Isaiah 14 and 15 at work M3-3 worked 5:28-5:00 T3-4 worked 4:41-12:20. It’s currently 4:40 pm and I’m at Jess Parrish hospital again. I’ve been here since 12:35. They’re are finally doing a lipsotrypsy on Sheila’s two kidney stones. Once again, theContinue reading “March 1-15, 2014”

December 1-15, 2015

Previously I posted November’s journal from 2011. December for that year and for every year through 2014 just don’t seem to “blog-worthy”. Being such a rookie at this blogging, I’m not so sure I know what constitutes something being “worthy” of posting. Oh well, I’m going with December 2015… perhaps it will be a bitContinue reading “December 1-15, 2015”