December 16-31, 2015

W12-16 worked 4:32-2:31, bible study home group Christmas get together. There were 14 of us altogether. I hope everyone had a great time. 

T12-17 up at 6:55. Started my day as I hope to EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE starting NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!! That will be the first day of my retirement. Here’s what I did… Within about 5 minutes of being up, I was sitting outside with my bible. I had a 5 or so minute prayer session and read one chapter of the bible. I hope to have even better prayer sessions and read more than one chapter of the bible… But the minimum will be at least that. I read Exodus chapter 4. Prayed with Sheila.  Ran 2.06 miles, spent more time catching up on magazine reading.

F12-18 worked 4:35-1:19
S12-19 worked 4:37-2:56, church 
S12-20 worked 6:32-5:09
M12-21 worked 4:26-16:53
T12-22 worked 4:35-17:37
W12-23 worked 6:12-18:28

T12-24 up at 5:30. First day of retirement. Unbelievable.  Read Exodus 5 and 6, ran 1.09, 30m prayer session. Worked at church from 3:30-8:30. Setting up chairs, ushering, handling money, etc., enjoyed it. We had a total of 353 people between the two services. God is good. I hope the people felt blessed. I certainly did. Well, that was the first day of the rest of my life… Day one of retirement. Christmas Eve. Quite different for sure. Much quieter, less hectic, than my last 35 Christmas Eve’s… I enjoyed it.

F12-25 up at 6:45, read Exodus chapter 7, good Christmas time… Kevin and all of his family came over and so did Steve. Tina is in Gatlinburg with some friends. I think everyone had a good time. Ran 2.07 miles. 

S12-26 up at 6:30, great 40m prayer session to start the day. Read Exodus 8 and 9, ran 2.1 miles. Went and bought dryer, they’re going to deliver tomorrow. Went and picked up Tina’s dogs from kennel and took them to her house. She’s coming home tomorrow from Gatlinburg.       

S12-27 up at 5:55, ran 1.06 miles. I started the run at 6:24 am. Good for me :-), church, grocery shopping, had Khloe for a few hours in the afternoon. 

M12-28 up at 6:25, read Exodus 10 and 11, ran 8.3 miles, edged, weedeated and mowed yard

T12-29 up at 5:45, read Exodus 12 and 13, ran 1.07 miles, spent approx. 2 hours reading, studying and typing notes for the gospel of John chapter 1. Had Khloe from 7:30a-7:30p

W12-30 up at 6, read Exodus 14-16. Great start to the day. Sat outside with Sheila and prayed shortly after we got up. Ran 1.52 miles. Leisure day for the most part. First complete day like this since I’ve retired. I enjoyed it. 

T12-31 up at 6, read Exodus 17-19, ran 1.05 miles, went to Robin’s house with Sheila and Khloe. Visited for a while. Blaine was there. We all went to McDonalds in Cape Canaveral.      Spent about 2 hours reading, studying and typing notes for John chapter 2. I’ve only studied the first two chapters of this gospel and it’s pretty intense in getting the proper meaning of everything. I’m really enjoying digging into it. I’m also TOTALLY enjoying having the time to do it. Thank You Lord!!!!!!

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