January 1999

23 years ago, I was writing a full month of journals in one digital file. At this time I had been a divorcee/bachelor for almost 3 years, had about 4 more to go. I was seeing a lot of Sheila at this time. She had been a widow for almost 4 years. We were both working an insane amount of hours. It paid off… but it wasn’t easy.

After all this time alone, I was just learning how to make a home cooked meal. Take-out and near starvation were more of my routine those first few years. Here’s the end of 98 and all of January 1999.

M 12-21-98 Worked 2:39a-9:02a. Went to FHP Station off 520, State Farm’s claim office, home (for title to mustang), Ronnie’s, back to State Farm, back to Ronnie’s!! Got dent fixed, made $469 on the deal. Wow! Home after that and crashed.

T 12-22-98 Worked 2:41a-5:03p, got gas, home, asleep at 10p.

W 12-23-98 Up at 12:45a, worked 1:53a-4:30p.

T 12-24-98 Worked 2a-8:03p!!!! Wow… Merry Christmas!!!!… Home……Alone…….passed out on couch at 10:30p

F 12-25-98 Up at 6:30, Washed a load of darks, went to parents at 10:30am, left at 5:30p, Sheila and I exchanged gifts

S 12-26-98 Up at 1:45, worked 3a-8:30p, 3 hour break, bought groceries, home, bed at 1 am

S 12-27-98 Up at 9a, washed whites, darks, towels, and dishes!!!

M 12-28-98 Worked 2:45a-11:42a.  Went to Big Frank’s and ordered tires. Having them put on tomorrow. In bed at 8p.

T 12-29-98 Up at 1:45a, worked 3:35a-12:13p.  Had tires put on. ($470.64)  Sheila and I walked through Cocoa Village. 

W 12-30-98 Up at 1:45, worked 2:40a-2:30p.

T 12-31-98 Worked 3a-9:02p. Watched ball drop, then I dropped.

F 1-1-99 Off all day. Played board games with Sheila.  She went to WD and bought pork chops and black-eyed peas. Good dinner.

S 1-2-99 Worked 2:39a-10p. Break from 1:30-5p, went home on break, slept some.  Felt lousy all day.  Home at 10:30p. Up till 3am. (25hr and 15min day)

S 1-3-99 Up at 10:55a, worked 2:42p-11:30p

M 1-4-99 Worked 10:51a-6:30p.  Daryl came by, good visit, total support from him on Lisa deal.  Dinner at KFC takeout.  Couldn’t sleep, up till midnight watching “Sleepless in Seattle”, Rat pack biography, and FSU vs. Tennessee 

T 1-5-99 Worked 4a-5p, home, no dinner, watched Dean Martin Biography

W 1-6-99 Up at 1:45a, worked 3:45a-12:10p, got haircut, home. Mowed grass, visited parents.

T 1-7-99 Up at noon, washed 3 loads of clothes, went through bills, went to Sears in Titusville (went to Sears in M.I. Wednesday night) to find crock-pot.  Didn’t have what I wanted.  Ate 3 hot dogs at Orange Julius, bought Jimmy Dean, Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. CD’s, went to bookstore, home, bed at 11:30p.

F 1-8-99 Up at 6, went to beach to watch sunrise. It was just a grey sky.

S 1-9-99 Worked 3a- 1:30am Sunday!!!!  Wow, what a day, had inventory.  Didn’t go to bed till 6 am Sunday morning.

S 1-10-99 Worked 2:47p-11:30p.  Up till 6 am Monday morning.

M 1-11-99 slept till noon, washed clothes, Wal-Mart – bought groceries and crock-pot.

T 1-12-99 up at 7, leisure day

W 1-13-99 worked 3a-5p

T 1-14-99 worked 12:46p-5:47p

F 1-15-99 worked 3a-2p

S 1-16-99 worked 3a-10p

S 1-17-99 worked 11:47-5p, fixed sauerkraut and wieners before work, ate it after work, my first crock-pot meal!!!

M 1-18-99 worked 3a-5p, bed at 2 am

T1-19-99 visited parents, leisure day

W1-20-99 up at 9, Hung out at house w/Sheila, made BBQ sauce and prepared crock pot meal for Thursday (BBQ Beef)

T1-21-99 worked 2:47a-8:47a, 3:35p-9:57p.  Home in between shifts, ate BBQ…DELICIOUS!!!  Went to Town & Country Mortgage in Indialantic the close on house.  $2058 later, the house is mine!!!  Bed at 12:30am

F1-22-99 up at 5:45, worked 6:46a-1:07p

S1-22 worked 2:46a-4:59p

S1-23 WOKE UP LATE!!! (3:18a), Debbie Garcia (Ralph’s wife) called to wake me up.  Made it to work at 3:46!!!!! Worked till 5p, crock pot roast for dinner

M1-24 worked 3-12

T1-25 worked 12p-10:27p

W1-27 worked 12:15p-10:30p

T1-28 worked 7a-10a

F1-29 washed dishes, towels. Fixed kitchen sink, took pictures to Eckerds for enlargement. 2 pc chicken dinner at KFC, asleep at midnight.

S1-30 up at 1:30!!! Hour and a half sleep!! Worked 2:30a-5p. Charlie and Jakes with Sheila for lunch. Left work at 5:45p. Good talk with Daryl (my supervisor) before I left. 

S1-31 worked 3a-5:45p, SSN, Broncos won Super Bowl, chicken chow mein for dinner, asleep at 10p

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