February 2010

M2-1 worked 3:41-3:30

T2-2 worked 3:41-1:30

W2-3 worked 3:31-11:30, home, worked 2+ hours on seminary projects, back to Merritt Island to visit parents

T2-4 up at 7, worked 3+ hours on seminary projects, seminary class 7-9 pm

F2-5 up at 7, worked 2+ hours on seminary projects

S2-6 worked 3:41a-5:40p, church

S2-7 up at 4:30, ran 2nd Annual Melbourne to Beaches Half Marathon. Finished in 2:03:48. Last year was 2:11:21. Quite an improvement, yet breaking 2 hours continues to be elusive. A 14 hour workday, as well as being up about 19 hours the day before probably doesn’t help. Oh well… Worked 2+ hours on seminary projects

M2-8 worked 3:41a-4p

T2-9 worked 3:41a-2p

W2-10 worked 3:41a-12:45

T2-11 up at 7, worked 2+ on seminary projects, seminary class 7-9 pm

F2-12 worked 5:30a-11:30a, went and had coffee with Robin at mall to talk about Mom and Dad’s health, etc. Drove to Orlando Wetlands Park in Christmas to pick up race packet for Saturday’s Half Marathon

S2-13  Ran the 6th Annual Orlando Extreme Half-Marathon. 71st out of 117. Time was 2:13:10.126.  7th out of 10 in age group. 40th out of 58 males.  It was VERY COLD. 43F the entire race. I ran the whole thing wearing gloves and a toboggan. I’ve never done that before.  I ran this race for the first time in 2008. That day my time was 2:15:17. That was my fastest half marathon up to that point. Leisure day rest of day. Church.

S2-14 worked 3:41a-3:52p

M2-15 worked 3:41a-5:14p

T2-16 worked 3:39a-3:32p

W2-17 worked 3:41a-10:54a, got haircut, bought some homemade bread and pasta at Farmer’s Market in Cocoa Village. Worked 2 hours on lesson I’ll be teaching tomorrow night at my seminary class.

T2-18 worked 3:41a-12:30p, home, getting sick, lost my voice. Gotta teach part of my seminary class tonight.   Well I was able to talk enough to teach my part of the class. Not too sure how well I did. Oh well. I gave it my best.

F2-19 up at 7:20, leisure day all day. Read and studied bible-Gen 7-10

S2-20 worked 3:41-2:11, read and studied bible- Gen 11-13, church

S2-21 worked 5:35-1:11, ran 1.14 miles

M2-22 worked 3:41-1:13, ran 1.21 miles

T2-23 worked 3:40-12:28, home, back to Merritt Island to meet Dad at Dr. Leal’s office.  Blood work last week revealed that Dad’s prostate had enlarged quite a bit in the past year. It’s size is now a 4.7 I believe. He was referred to a urologist, Dr. Leal. Dad had prostate cancer back in 95 and it was successfully treated with radiation. The current plan of Dr. Leal is to have a bone scan and a CAT scan done first. This is just to make sure that no cancerous cells have been released from the prostate to other parts of the body. They have no reason to believe that’s the case, but they want to rule that out prior to any other action. Once they rule that out, they will take a biopsy of the prostate to see what may have caused a recent enlargement. Dad’s having both the scans done this Friday. I’m gonna go with him to the hospital to make sure everything goes okay. Visited with parents after the doctor visit.

W2-24 worked 3:42-12:36, drove to Town Country Outfitters in Orlando. Dropped off backpack to have them work on it to get it to stop squeaking so much… Long story… πŸ™‚     Drove to Florida Mall to have my iPhone worked on again. FYI, today is Thursday, and the phone is no better. I’ve gone to Orlando twice now and suggested that a new battery might fix it but the “Geniuses” at the Genius Bar have suggested other things and it hasn’t fixed it either time. Grrrrrrrr.

These guys seem great and helpful and aren’t trying to sell you stuff, but now it looks like I’ll be making a THIRD trip there and I’ll push this time to get a new battery and hopefully that will fix it.   After I left Florida Mall, drove back to MI to Frankie’s and got takeout. LONG day, lotta driving. I used to LOVE driving all over heck and half of Georgia, now it kinda seems to wear me out. I still like it, but it has to be the right situation.

T2-25 up at 6:50, Steve came over and fixed the soffett on the house and stayed and visited awhile. Leisure day.  Read bible.  Seminary class from 7-8:30pm. Sheila went with me. It was our final class for this term. We had a pot luck dinner. We both had a good time.

F2-26 up at 6:40. It’s 8:58 and I’m at Wuesthoff with Dad. They just took him back to have a CAT scan. After that he’ll have an injection for a bone scan which will be done at noon I believe. Dad said he’s been up since 4:15 am and only got 2 hours sleep. He seems totally fine though and says he feels very good. All went well with Dad’s scans. Read Bible. Ran 1.26 miles, leisure day most of day.

S2-27 worked 3:43-4:33, church, Bizarro’s takeout after church

S2-28 worked 5:42-2:18

Perspective from the present: There was certainly A LOT going on in my life at this time. It’s good to look back and reminisce. I miss my Dad dearly, he passed away in Sept. 2014.

This was the first of 7 years that each February I would run two half marathons in a 6 day period. It was always neat to see how comparable the times would be. One of them was run on a wildlife preserve, the entire race being run on packed down sand that they called “berm” roads. The other ran on asphalt, had two fairly intense bridges to cross. Each one approx. a half mile or more in length… one at mile 6, the other at mile 12.

Speaking of bridges to cross, 2010 was about the halfway point of my seminary attendance. I was doing this alongside the 50-60 hours a week of the Publix life. In the words of the great theologian Joe Walsh, “Life’s been good to me so far…” he might have meant it in a different context. πŸ™‚

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