March 1-15, 2014

S3-1 worked 4:35-16:54, church, visited Dad

S3-2 up at 6:45, worked 8:21-21:28, read Isaiah 14 and 15 at work

M3-3 worked 5:28-5:00

T3-4 worked 4:41-12:20. It’s currently 4:40 pm and I’m at Jess Parrish hospital again. I’ve been here since 12:35. They’re are finally doing a lipsotrypsy on Sheila’s two kidney stones. Once again, the past two days have been a maze of phone calls with three different doctors and Wuesthoff Hospital trying to get everything done for her hip replacement surgery this Friday. As I’ve said before, my heart aches for Sheila being in all this pain and having to deal with all these doctors phone calls. She’s broke down a time or two and says she’s having a meltdown. I’ve had to call doctors two times now to get things moving in the right direction. It’s very aggravating.

The hip surgery had been postponed, but thankfully her hip doctor vetoed that and told her to get her doctors to do what they’re supposed to do because this hip surgery MUST happen. I’m thankful that he feels that way and I am of the same opinion.

     We both are so thankful that all this is not life threatening or even life changing. It’s just a few things we’re going to have to get through.

     Left hospital at 7 pm, home, then back to hospital with Tina to pick up vette, then back to house to pick up prescription I had forgot to take with me, then back to Publix… Got home at 9 pm… Utterly exhausted… What a day…

W3-5 up at 7:15… I feel so tired… Feel hungover… Got another long day ahead of me… Help me Lord…

     Got a LOT accomplished today. Helped wash some clothes, got everything ready for next weeks income tax appt. with Janson. Publix to pick up a sandwich platter for tonight’s bible study home group. Ran 2.14 miles.

     Bible study home group, visited Dad.

T3-6 up at 6:30… Got home from Dad’s at 11pm last night.. Didn’t get to bed til 12:30 this morning… Once again, so tired and feel hungover again… Also once again, another long day ahead…

     Well, after about four hours in doctors offices, the final doctor we met with decided that we should postpone Sheila’s hip surgery until the kidney stone situation has been resolved. We’re both a little frustrated but we know it’s probably best.  Exhausting day for both of us. Ate at Sonny’s BBQ after the last doctors visit, then home and vegged out on the couch the rest of the evening.

F3-7 up at 5:45, read Isaiah 16 thru 18, watched an episode of TAGS, put together all the pool deck furniture… Chairs and table. Went to Home Depot to pick up stuff for drainage and sprinkler system. Fairly active and enjoyable day.

S3-8 worked 4:36-16:56, church, visited Dad

S3-9 up at 7, worked 9:50-22:01

M3-10 worked 5:35-4:04. Sat by the pool for the first time ever. Read Isaiah 19 and 20

T3-11 worked 4:36-2pm, income tax appt. with Janson. I always enjoy that. Visited Dad. Read Isaiah 21 while sitting by the pool. I think from now on that when I do anything that is outside by the pool, I’ll note it as “while sitting poolside.” 🙂

W3-12 up at 6:45, read Isaiah 22 and 23, watched an episode of TAGS, figured out and typed my AT itinerary for this year. Not sure exactly when I’ll get to hike this year. We’ll see… Sheila’s hip surgery is scheduled for April 4, but it could change. I may go hiking starting on Thursday May 29. We’ll see.

     Ran 4.04 miles, Sheila and I went to Dixie Crossroads for dinner.

T3-13 up at 6:25, read Isaiah 24 and 25, watched an episode of TAGS, mowed yard, watched an episode of TWY, visited Dad

F3-14 worked 4:35-1:59, read Isaiah 26 and 27

S3-15 worked 4:35-17:58, visited Dad. Got home about 9:15. Long day, Sheila’s been extremely sick all day. That’s got me worried.

Perspective from the present… Sheila having to deal with kidney stones and a scheduled hip replacement surgery was certainly no fun. My Mom had died about 6 months prior and my father would die about 5 months after this journal. Life was a blur at times… even now, it all seems a little out of focus.

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