50 (40?) Days of Publix Part 2

Here’s the rest of that novel about Publix… written 6 yrs ago in my final two months of a 35 yr career. Apparently by day 25, I decided to quit moaning and groaning.

Anytime I see these old journals and see the time I punched in and the time I punched out… I notice that “dash” in the middle and think of the “Dash Poem”… https://thedashpoem.com/.

The “dash” is really the whole story… read at your own risk. I’m thankful for what Publix gave me… thankful as well to be on to other things.

S10-31 Day 11- worked 4:37a-4:38p 🙂 Aggravating, understaffed day. I survived it… But am frustrated by it… Even though I know I only have 39 days to go. I shouldn’t let it get to me like I do. I just wish we could use some common sense in our decision making as a company. The company standards are extremely poorly thought out. It’s a one way road on the communication front… They don’t want to listen to the common man… Alas… I need to let it go… 39 days…

S11-1 Day 12- worked 6:36-5:05. Not a good day. Challenging, confrontational…. Just plain awful… Too many days are like that at Publix…. At least these past 5-10 years… I’m old… Tired of doing this… Ready for a change… Need to get out… 38 more days… Help me Jesus…

M11-2 Day 13- worked 4:36-16:51

T11-3 Day 14- worked 4:38-11:51

W11-4 Day 15- worked 4:32-3:59

F11-6 Day 16- worked 4:37-2:09. Worked 63 hours this week.

S11-7 Day 17- worked 4:38-16:49. Horribly understaffed again. It made for a stressful day.

S11-8 Day 18- worked 6:37-18:58. Smooth day for the most part. Extremely busy, but bearable.

M11-9 Day 19- worked 4:38-17:59. Long, long day. Hectic for sure, a WHOLE lot going on. I survived though.

W11-11 Day 20- worked 4:39- 4:18

F11-13 Day 21- worked 4:36-1:23

S11-14 Day 22- worked 4:36-16:57. 58° on drive to work. It was great, had the top down and enjoyed the drive. 🙂

S11-15 Day 23- worked 6:40- 6:11. Another beautiful drive to work. It was 71° and felt wonderful.

M11-16 Day 24- worked 4:37-18:01. 2 minutes longer than last Monday… A 12 hr and 24m day… Monday’s are getting worse and worse. I stayed late to type in all my orders for Thanksgiving… It’s good to have that done.

W11-18 Day 25- worked 4:37-4:28. Another stressful confrontational day. Got into a yelling match with our grocery manager over sharing back room space. I felt horrible when I calmed down, he’s really a great guy. We were able to smooth things out and both of us apologized. It’s just the tight tight tight spaces that we are forced to work in that causes these short fuses.

F11-20 Day 26- worked 4:39-1:39

S11-21 Day 27- worked 4:35-3:42

S11-22 Day 28- worked 6:14-1:22

M11-23 Day 29- worked 4:34-17:52

T11-24 Day 30- worked 4:35-17:15

W11-25 Day 31- worked 4:36-18:24

F11-27 Day 32- worked 4:35-12:31

S11-28 Day 33- worked 4:37-3:14

M11-30 Day 34- worked 4:36-17:04

T12-1 Day 35- worked 4:36-2:11

W12-2 Day 36- worked 4:34-1:43

F12-4 Day 37- worked 4:36-2:41

S12-5 Day 38- worked 4:37-4:24

S12-6 Day 39- worked 6:32-2:15

M12-7 Day 40- worked 4:35-4:17

W12-9 Day 41- worked 4:37-8:55… Well this evening was kind of a big deal for me… I took all of my associates out to dinner at Beef O’Brady’s. I have 16 employees that work for me. This is the most I’ve ever had. They’re a great group of people and I just wanted to thank them somehow and that’s all I could come up with. We had a total of 17 of us there. Two of my crew couldn’t make it but three of them brought a guest with them. It was enjoyable just socializing and hanging out away from Publix.

F12-11 Day 42- worked 4:37-12:22. Went by store #1421 to see Joe Cowan. Joe basically hired me. He was only a “third man” then, but because his wife knew my sister, he made the decision to hire me. Back then, the store management structure only consisted of a Store Manager, an Assistant Store Manager and a “third man”.

S12-12 Day 43- worked 4:38-3:58. Anthony’s grandmother said the kids in my department like me because I “enter their world”. Great phrase. 🙂

S12-13 Day 44- worked 6:36-5:08. Packed up everything I’m taking from my office. It was only 3 Manila envelopes of paperwork. 35 years comes down to that… Pretty cool… 🙂

M12-14 Day 45- worked 4:37-4:30. Attended my last department managers meeting.

W12-16 Day 46- worked 4:32-2:31

F12-18 Day 47- worked 4:35-1:19

S12-19 Day 48- worked 4:37-2:56

S12-20 Day 49- worked 6:32-5:09

M12-21 Day 50- worked 4:26-16:53

T12-22 Day 51- worked 4:35-17:37

W12-23 Day 52- worked 6:12-18:28

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