Explanation #2

I’ve posted 12 “things” so far and thought I had A LOT of things that I’d be posting over the next year or so. I’ve written of the Evernote app that I use for many things… journals, lists, writing etc.

Crazily, I’ve got 692 “notes”. I can sort them all alphabetically and many other ways. I had planned to go through them and post lots of “stuff” over the upcoming years.

Of these 692 notes, 250-275 of them are “journals” of my daily life. Boring as they may be… to the reader that is.

I do plan to post a new “journal from the past” twice a month. These are two weeks of my life at a time. I post them around the 1st and 16th of the month.

Of the 400 and some other notes, after going through them… they either seem too boring, weird or personal to post as a blog. I do however have a few other ideas and some things I’ll publish at certain times during the year.

With all that said I have two thoughts-

1- People who’ve kept a blog going for years, some for a decade or more… that is amazing!! I aspire to be that way… just don’t know if time will allow, or if I’m inspired to, or if I could even find enough to say about anything … that would be worthy of readIng.

2- I do feel led to start writing some “new” things. My free time is somewhat limited, I’ll explain more about that some other time. I’ll perhaps write as maybe others do… 15 minutes here, 10 minutes there and over a week or a few weeks, perhaps I’ll have something to share.

In the next few weeks, it’ll be another journal posting and most likely another “10 Minutes of Music”. I’ll be working on that one. I’ve got the songs picked out, just gotta come up with my thoughts, their connection with each other (if there is one) and maybe a few facts about these songs.

For both of you reading this, Merry Christmas and I hope to give you those two nonrefundable “things” between now and the end of 2021. It is going to end isn’t it?

Published by Rodney

Just a guy sharing a bit of a peek into my life, my brain, my oddities

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