I feel the desire to explain what my plans are as I hesitantly enter the world of blogging. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a post I made in 2011 on blogspot. At that time I had commented on someone’s post and signed up for an account. In the next week or two I wrote a thing called 10 Minutes of Music. I published (posted) that and then never went any further with it.

Two years later I did write a second 10 Minutes… but never posted it. That has been the extent of my blogging. After stumbling on this account I have since checked out WordPress, signed up and published those two articles again in the past week or so.

That brings me to the here and now. I feel led to start posting all kinds of things I’ve written over the years. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be posting and I would guess that nearly no one will be reading them. I have virtually no presence on social media and prefer it that way… yet here I am. I have been on Twitter since October 2010 and have made 1,609 “tweets” (90% probably retweets), 463 “likes” and have posted 44 pics/videos… all of this in 11 yrs. I have 68 followers on Twitter and I’ve never had a Facebook account.

I guess time will tell if I even continue this endeavor… if I do, I assume I’ll be posting all kinds of things I’ve already written. Just copying and pasting them into the WordPress site. I’ve written A LOT of things, just never shared them publicly. The subjects could perhaps include all kinds of life experiences… my daily journals, hiking, running, travel, music, spiritual pursuits, sports, daily habits, grandkids… who knows.

I’ve been “following” different blogs for years and my 3 favorite are as follows…
Jim Bartlett

Kurt Blumenau


They are certainly better than I at writing/sharing and just being interesting in general. If you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and check out their sites. I’ll close by saying that I’m nervous about sharing these posts. Of my 60 or so followers on Twitter… only 5 or so are people I actually know/talk to on any kind of a regular basis. I can’t imagine there will be any large group of people who read what I write, but any kind of feedback causes me anxiety… yet I believe I’m going to hit “publish” and see what happens.

I also believe I’ll be publishing my first post about my life right after I publish this. I have no idea what the proper word count is for these kinds of things, but I believe some/most of what I read are approx. 500-1,000 words. This is currently at 466 words… seems like a great place to stop. 🙂

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